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Game Projects

Project Kelvin (2021)
Role - Lead Artist and Lead Writer

Project Kelvin is a Dystopian Sci-Fi RPG rogue-like that utilizes the "Groundhog Day Effect" for its gameplay.

Play as Prisoner 08 (also called Subject 04) as you attempt to escape from the maximum security prison facility you've been held captive in whilst uncovering the secrets behind the notorious Aster Party.

I was in charge of creating the narrative plot, character design and concepts, UI elements, and all sprites and tile sets used for the game.

Pyromaniac (2019)
Role - Character Designer, Sprite Artist, and Assistant Writer

Despite being a total nutcase, Py Fieri has had their underwear stolen by a sneaky chicken!


Control the Radical Radiator and traverse across this poppin' and absurd realm to seize your unmentionables.


It's time to invite everyone to the barbecue . . .

I was in charge of character design, character sprites and animations, and collaborated with Michael O'Connell on both tile sets and narrative script.

Lucid (2017)
Role - Solo Creator

Head Magician Mika Rin has fallen into a sleeping spell and it seems nothing will wake her up. 

Unsure of what to do, her twin sister, Mari Mei dives into her dreams and defeats the various enemies that seek to hold her sister captive in the dream world forever. 

I created everything from character designs to pixel sprites (excluding backgrounds), as well as coded mechanics and designed levels.

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