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Mia Gacutan

Game Designer | Illustrator

About Me

Hi, I'm Mia Gacutan and I’m a game designer and 2D artist.

I specialize in the fields of digital storytelling. I also have an affinity for RPG type stories and concept art, with a heavy focus in character design.

As part of my game dev experiences, I'm well versed in industry programs such as Unity, Photoshop, and After Effects, with other experience in programs like Twine, Paint Tool SAI, and Aesprite. I am also comfortable working in and leading teams with set deadlines, and look forward to expanding my skills in the technical side of game design, as well as my own crafts. 

Projects I've Worked On

Samuda Interval (Current)

Lead Writer

Project Kelvin (2021)

Character Designer, Lead Writer, and Lead Artist

Links to Socials


Twitter: @marishmallowart

LinkedIn: Mia Gacutan

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